Under 25s

Diversity 2.0 event at Somerset HouseWith fewer students learning French every year, the FBC is very keen to support young people who wish to learn the language and travel to France. We have produced a publication entitled Crossing the Channel: Promoting academic mobility which provides a wealth of information about studying in France and the advantages of speaking a second language.

This section includes resources for:

  • young children who want to find a French penpal or skype partner
  • children and teenagers who want to organise an exchange with a French student
  • teenagers or young people who wish to do a French language course outside school in the UK
  • young people who wish to do a French language course in France
  • those who have left school who are looking for gap year programmes in France
  • young people who are looking for internships in France

We are keen to expand our resources in this area so if you hear of any suitable organisations or opportunities please get in touch. At the same time we should make it clear that we are simply providing a link and not recommending these organisations.

There are several organisations in Paris offering jobs for bilingual candidates. Please see here 

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