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Training and Support for disaffected NEETs

25 January - Paris

Exploring challenges and identifying examples of best practice for 16-25 year olds who are out of work and not in education (NEETs). How can we create a better system of engaging young people in activities like volunteering, or practical training to counteract people being exploited ideologically? 

The conference report will be available soon. 

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Franco-British Conference: Disrupt or be Disrupted

21 November, London

This conference, in partnership with the French Chamber of Commerce, will bring together Franco-British experts from the political, business, and academic world to look at these emerging "digital disruptors" that are changing the face of industry. The main focus of the debate will be on how easy access to the internet and smartphones have enabled digital start-ups to redefine business models and which industries are being affected.

6th Annual Defence Conference

17 November, Paris

The FBC Annual Defence Conference provides a discussion for the bilateral defence relationship, with key speakers from the military, government, industry and academia. The focus this year will largely be on joint counter-terrorism initatives, cyber security and intelligence sharing.  Read more.

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FBC's response to Brexit vote

Whilst FBC does not take a political line, we are disappointed with the result of the referendum because it is bound to make relations between the UK and the rest of Europe more difficult.  This underlines, however, the importance of the mission of the FBC;  we are determined to do everything we can to maintain and strengthen cross-Channel links.
Baroness Tessa Blackstone, Chair
Tom Schuller, Director

Lancaster House  bilateral defence treaty 2010-2060 holds firm  See Le Monde article

Intern required Sept-Dec (2 part-days pw).  How to apply

CBI-MEDEF joint communiqué on Franco-British relations. Read more

France's former foreign minister Michel Barnier appointed as EU's Chief Negotiator in charge of Brexit.  He will negotiate with UK's Brexit minister David Davis once Article 50 is triggered.  Read more including BBC report

Foreign ministers Johnson and Ayrault meet in Paris. See FCO announcement and  Guardian article

At a press conference with President Hollande of France, Prime Minister Theresa May spoke about strengthening the UK-France relationship.  Read PM statement

Tour de France:  Congratulations 3x 1st Chris Froome (UK) 89hrs 4mins 48secs; 2nd Romain Bardet (France) -4mins 5secs.  BBC report.

Shocked and saddened by 14 July tragedy in Nice.  Theresa May says UK to stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with France.  Watch BBC video statement.

UK-France Data Innovation Taskforce has published a series of recommendations on how the two countries could work together to use data to stimulate economic growth and improve society.  Read announcement and full report.  See also Tech UK



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