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Training and Support for disaffected NEETs

25 January - Paris

Exploring challenges and identifying examples of best practice for 16-25 year olds who are out of work and not in education (NEETs). How can we create a better system of engaging young people in activities like volunteering, or practical training to counteract people being exploited ideologically? 

The conference report will be available soon. 

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Britain and France – perspectives on Israel and Palestine

The conference will bring together French and British Parliamentarians to discuss the question of a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine, and what is to be expected from both parties. It will be based on the reflection of what tools – political, diplomatic, legal, military and economic – can be used to advance the two state solution, from national and international perspectives. 

The new date of this event is to be advised shortly.



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Europe: problem or solution? FBC's Claire Chick answers

FBC’s Claire Chick was a guest on RFI’s Carrefour de l’Europe on 7th February. The programme considered different European perspectives on whether Europe is a problem or a solution. Claire provided British insights into the matter.

Listen to Claire on RFI here. 

Register now for IHR conference 'Is Britain part of Europe? Anglo-French Historial Perspective' on 17-18 March.

Congratulations to Axelle Lemaire on the birth of her son!

17-year-olds from lycée professionnel Théodore Monod Noisy-le-Sec explore links between Nazi propaganda and Daesh at Unesco's Paris HQ exhibition (25 Jan - 28 Feb)

FBC member Samia Essabaa appears in France 2 documentary, "Les Français, c'est les autres", on French identity crisis in schools, on February 3rd, at 23h30. 




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