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Training and Support for disaffected NEETs

25 January - Paris

Exploring challenges and identifying examples of best practice for 16-25 year olds who are out of work and not in education (NEETs). How can we create a better system of engaging young people in activities like volunteering, or practical training to counteract people being exploited ideologically? 

The conference report will be available soon. 

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Game Changers: The disruptors and challenges of today and tomorrow

21 November, London

This conference, in partnership with the French Chamber of Commerce, will bring together Franco-British experts from the political, business, and academic world to look at these emerging "digital disruptors" that are changing the face of industry. The main focus of the debate will be on how easy access to the internet and smartphones have enabled digital start-ups to redefine business models and which industries are being affected.



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FBC's Samia Essabaa's work featured in ELLE

FBC's Samia Essabaa was recently featured in ELLE Magazine for one of her outstanding projects. Samia helped organise a trip in which students from the vocational college in which she works met and helped single mothers in Casablanca who have been shunned by society. The trip, sponsored by KPMG and Aude de Thuin, the founder of the women's forum, allowed the students to discover first hand the "valeurs de solidarité, d'entraide, de respect de l'autre, d'égalité hommes-femmes, ils ne les oublieront pas". Read more.

Enrol now in the FBLS conference on Migration, Security & Human rights in a Maritime Context on Friday 3rd June.

Denis MacShane, former minister for Europe, has published a new book on BREXIT, Let's Stay Together: Why Yes To Europe.

British Academy debate on Working with the EU: Britons and Brussels on 31st May. Register now.

Read TimesTelegraph and other tributes to André Bénard KBE, Eurotunnel co-chair during the construction years who, alongside Sir Alastair Morton, made the Channel Tunnel happen.









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